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There are no two ways about it, traditional marketing is taking on a much broader definition in 2019. Worldwide trends show that companies are spending significantly less on traditional marketing channels and upping their spend on other mediums like digital for example. This means marketing decision makers and other players in the industry need to be creating marketing strategies that are holistic in approach.

The 2019 Nedbank Marketing Conference will be focussing on what makes traditional marketing tick but will also include deep dives into other areas of 21st century marketing like how digital campaigns can enhance your marketing strategy, the upsurge in e-commerce and simplifying semantics. The theme this year is Marketing Gets Nak*d and the conference promises to strip away the hoopla and fluff out of marketing, simply getting down to the bottom line of how to create significant ROI for your marketing spend.

What will I learn at the IMC Marketing Conference?

Dale Hefer, founder of leading agency Chillibush (which she sold in 2014) is the owner and CEO at the IMC Academy (Pty) Ltd. She is author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed From Witblits to Vuvuzela’s: Marketing in the New South Africa and former Businesswoman of the Year. She is also the owner of purpose driven agency Afterburn Marketing (Pty) Ltd. The Integrated Marketing Conference has grown from its 2010 start in Cape Town to its position as Africa’s leading marketing conference. Whatever your industry, you’ll want to Get Nak*d with the IMC in March 2019.

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