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Elaine Rumboll is the owner and founder of The Creative Leadership Consultancy, an experiential learning company helping organisations be more playful, agile, curious and energised. An award winning business woman and poet, she holds an adjunct faculty position at UCT GSB and a Professorship in Play from the Western Orthodox university. Elaine is a Master Lego Serious Play practitioner and a passionate gamer.


Keynote: Playing with the Cool Kids – Befriending Playfulness, Bravery and Curiosity in a schoolyard of Commerce

We need new friends – Time has turned into a bully, Adrenalin has become a bad influence and Control has become an abusive partner. So how do we befriend the cool kids – Curiosity, Courage and Playfulness? Marketing lives in a system measured by hours for a world driven by impact and value. How do we harness the courage to shift our focus, reframe our thinking and be playful in the face of an adrenalised workplace? In this keynote, we will explore the conditions for Curiosity, the architecture of Courage and how we can infuse a more playful spirit into the work that we build and sell. Unexpected insights, ultra relevant ideas, and masterful storymaking are needed to break through. And yet these are not outputs that can be managed and squeezed into timesheets and teleconferences. Digital technologies offer us exponential scale, but with only 24 hours in a day it is going to be our creativity not our hours that will need to keep pace. In this talk we explore the specific practices of Courage, Curiosity and Playfulness as some of the keystones that creative leaders can use to bring out the best in themselves and their teams.


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