Chief Future Officer at House of Brave

Musa is the author of Ladders and Trampolines, a book that shares anecdotes and experiences about working and doing business in Africa. He is a respected thought leader and sought after speaker in the marketing industry and serves as Chief Future Officer at House of Brave, a creative advertising agency.  He is an enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneur.

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Where humans and technology meet. What role will marketers still need to play in the future?

Technology excites. In particular, new technology adoption drives business growth, new job creation and augmentation of existing jobs. This is true if we can fully leverage the talents of a motivated and agile workforce who are equipped with futureproof skills to take advantage of new opportunities. A major part of this will be determined by an appetite for continuous retraining and upskilling. The reality is, skills gaps—both among marketers and among  senior leaders—may significantly hamper new technology adoption and therefore business growth. Let us unpack what role marketers will play in the age of augmentation.


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