HDI Youth Marketeers’

HDI Youth Marketeers’

Junior Board of Directors

HDI Youth Marketeers’ Junior Board of Directors (JBoD) has been running for the past 20 years and includes youth that are opinion leaders, mavens, trend predictors. The boards are hand-picked groups of young people chosen for their cultural diversity and astute opinion and leadership in various spheres of influence.

JBoD is comprised of three age groups: kids (8-13 years old), teens (14 – 18 years old), and young adults (19-23 years old). These groups of young people offer deep insights into brands, branding and product, and their relevance in-market through various interactions with HDI (e.g. focus groups, interviews, surveys, video diaries, idea/concept generation and testing etc.). They offer a keen understanding of buying patterns and perceptions for specific products along with consumption motivations. Their positions in their social networks deliver to the latest trends in the youth space, and help get clients’ brands right on the mark.


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