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Gillian’s CV is a mix of marketing, advertising, and leadership. She obtained a Business Science (Honours) degree in Marketing from UCT, worked for Perry & Associates (Marketing Strategy consulting), then headed into the creative world, doing account management and strategy for below and above the line agencies, before becoming Managing Director of Hercules/DMB&B, and then Group Managing Director of Lowe Bull.

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When a marketer appoints an agency, either through a  pitch process or some other methodology, a partnership/relationship/collaboration begins. Or if you’re in procurement a supplier/vendor is appointed.

Over time, this business partnership has acquired an almost mystical association with human relationships – dating, marriage, promiscuity, affairs, divorce – and yet it is a profoundly commercial partnership.

In her talk, Gillian Rightford (MD and founder of Adtherapy)  will explore whether this “relationship” word might be why it all too often goes wrong and will look at the basis of successful, or woefully unsuccessful, agency-client collaborations.

The theme of the conference is “Marketing Gets Naked™.  It’s about the bottom line” based on a philosophy of “Marketing is Business”. Well, so too is creativity. It’s time to get real about what that means, how agencies and marketers treat each other, what the roles and responsibilities look like on each side, and why it matters.


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