CEO: T & W

Gareth is a storyteller, a dad and a comrades runner. He is a dreamer, a founder and a creative director.

He believes that stories have great power and is on a mission to bring that power to brands and businesses across the world.

He is CEO of T+W, one of Afica’s first and most awarded content agencies and the South African Sports Industry agency of the year for 2018.


A story (that eats its own tail).
by Gareth Whittaker.

I’m not saying my story will move you. I’m definitely not saying it’ll move you so much you’ll revisit it over and again. I’m not saying you’ll chuckle to yourself in the car on the way home or think back to it on a cold Wednesday night this winter.

I am not saying any of that. I am however saying, that great stories can. They can keep playing in the mind of their audience long after the paid for slot has ended, turning 2 minutes into 2 hours. They can move people, change them, live with them. And therein lies both their emotional and commercial magic. I’m not saying my story will do that for you, but it’ll try.


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