About the Conference

Marketing gets Naked™

It’s time to strip down to the bottom line.

Marketing has become burdened with buzzwords and smothered in smoke and mirrors. We have decided to go blah-less.

Less talk. More bottom line.

Our agenda will be focused on delivery. Our speakers will not be pitching their services or talking theory. Usable knowledge and practical implementation are what this conference is about.


As part of our #MarketingGetsNaked campaign we will be finding out more about what marketers actually want to hear.
While we are doing that we have lots of ideas we are working on.  We would love your feedback!

  Keynote:  Is the Emperor wearing any clothes?  The business case for marketing.

  Six-minute strip shows:

  • Digital disrobed
  • E-Commerce exposed
  • Social media gets starkers
  • A millennial unclad
  • Marketing confessions of a CEO
  • Confessions of a frustrated CMO

Other Topics

  • Data. I have it, so what? From actuarial to actual.
  • Marketing Gets Naked™. Real time conference case study.
  • Chief Marketing Officer? Chief Growth Officer? Semantics or survival?
  • The Polony Palaver – Crisis Comms; Redressing brand reputation.
  • SA’s top marketing influencer identified on the day (and takes a bow)
  • The Great Race. The ten don’ts of marketing to our majority laid bare.
  • Facebook vs Instagram in five knockout rounds.
  • B2B. Ten insights in ten minutes.
  • B2C. Ten insights in ten minutes.
  • Compact Creative. 8 second examples.
  • Black Twitter – the reality.
  • In-house or outsource? A debate.
  • The Youth. Ignore them and your brand will die young.
  • The Junior Board of Directors speaks. An interactive session.
  • Voice AI. A flash or full on? A skinny dip with Suri and Alexa.
  • AI Au Naturel. Will AI be the silver bullet for your brand?
  • Brand purpose. Is there really a purpose to purpose. And does it pay?
  • Augmented – the new marketing reality.
  • So now we are naked. What next? The Naked Committee weighs in.
  • Competitor pitch knockout by two up-and-coming student teams (overseen by senior creatives)
  • Cocktails and live music.

Please Note: The above does not constitute the confirmed agenda but outlines the topics we are researching and may be subject to change.


We are busy finding the very best to keep you abreast and are proud to announce our speakers to date:

Amanda Denton
Chief Marketing Officer 
Telesure Investment Holdings

Simon Lloyd
Managing Partner
Algorithm Agency 

Junior Board of Directors
HDI Youth Marketeers 

Greg Garden
Marketing Association of South Africa
& Marketing Research Foundation

Bongani Chinkanda
Chief Executive Officer
HDI Youth Marketeers

Tbo Touch
Founder of Touch HD Online Radio 

Prof David Uribe
Regional Data Director
Africa and Middle East TBWA
The Disruption® Company 

Sharon Keith
Marketer at Large


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