Chief Executive Officer – HDI Youth Consultancy

After completing his studies at Rhodes University, Bongani started his career at Unilever, where his passion for marketing was revealed. After years in trade and shopper marketing for companies including BP, Kraft Foods and Kimberly Clark, Bongani founded Dzuwa Media in 2008. Dzuwa served as a BTL activations agency servicing clients in Malawi, Zimbabwe and SA markets. In 2016, he joined Elevator as Business & Strategy Director focusing on developing a mass market offering for the agency. In 2017, Bongani joined HDI Youth Marketeers, where he plans to champion TBWA’s culture of disruption in his role of CEO.


A successful friend of mine has three BMW’s.

“When did BMW become the brand you wanted to drive” I once asked him.

His face gave me the answer.  He had bought into the BMW brand way before he could afford to buy one, let alone three.

When we talk about #youthproofing brand value chains, our focus is about engaging future consumers today. We build and secure the pipeline for tomorrow.  Thinking 5, 10 or even 15 years ahead is what will guarantee relevance and consumption. Today’s consumers have already bought into your brand; will the ones coming up do the same? That is the essence of #futureproofing (#youthproofing).


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