Mind Science Practitioner

A mom, a Harvard MBA, and a 30-year consumer-marketing veteran, having worked across four continents and five diverse industries. Since arriving in South African 20 years ago, her passion has been the mind and, specifically how our mental operating system processes the communications that are constantly being thrown at us.

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“We are of two minds – and you have been talking to the wrong one. Mind Science and Marketing” 

Over 95% of all thought and decision-making is beneath our level of awareness—meaning we don’t have conscious access to it.  In other words, we don’t know why we do what we do.  However, that hasn’t stopped marketers from repeatedly asking consumers why and building new products and marketing campaigns based on those answers.

No wonder over 80% of all new products fail:  we are offering something that consumers don’t really want and promoting it in a way that doesn’t connect with them.

In the spirit of Marketing Getting Naked— I would challenge you to be bold and cut your market research and advertising budgets down to zero until you have sufficient understanding of how the mind actually processes information. You will find that an enormous amount of your marketing investment is being wasted.  You will find that you are listening to and talking to 5% of the mind, the 5% that has no true insight into how the 95% actually works.  You will also find out why the 95% is the mind that drives decisions and behavior, not the 5% to which we have become beholden.


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