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Born white in apartheid South Africa but raised & bred as a Zulu man learning the skills of survival in Africa, GG Alcock was raised in a mud hut in one of the most poverty stricken and violent parts of Kwazulu Natal, Msinga.


No kota given – the crisis of lip service in kasi street food.

The kota and vetkoek industry is huge, worth R 10 billion rand a year and employing some 50 000 people.  It is, however, informal and to a large extent invisible.  Imagine the impact of the listeriosis crisis on this industry where 80% of the offerings have a polony slice?   Lives, incomes, lifestyles were suddenly threatened.  As valued customers, consumers, clients and business partners they found themselves without alternatives or mitigation.  A simple message – such as heating polony to a certain temperature makes it safe – would have made all the difference.  But in the silence panic spread and doom descended.  Communication and responsibility to our consumers and customers in an invisible informal world is needed in good times and bad.


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